Monday, 24 July 2017

what's the matter

so what’s the Matter?

Today we will be revising the three states of matter and learning more about atoms.

LI 1: We are learning to describe the three states of matter

The three states of matter are solid, liquid and gas

The particles in a solid can't move much and they are so tiny. It can hold it’s shape.

The particles in a liquid can flow so they can move a little bit and they can mostly take the shape of a cup or a bucket and stuff that it is in.

The particles in a gas are far apart from each other and they can also go any way they want to go if you open a widow the gas will go any way it wants.


Friday, 30 June 2017

what is matariki???

What is Matariki???

The reappearance of the seven Matariki stars, in late May or early June, signals the beginning of the Maori New Year.and the full name of matariki “Nga mata a te Ariki and also name pleiades. There were growing kumara and they harvest it.all 7 stars are named te uru o te rangi, Tupua a Rangi, tupua a Nuku, Waiti Waita,Waipuna a Rangi and Merope. A cluster is a group of stars that are near each other in space.when seen from earth,the stars in a constellation appear to be close together in a pattern but they might actually be far from each other.Matariki is a time to celebrate new year but actually maori people will celebrate matariki now in early june or late may.There are two meanings for matariki matariki means tiny eyes and mata ariki means the eye of god. Matariki is the constellation of star known in many parts of the world

Matariki is the Maori name for the star cluster known as a Pleiades. Traditionally for Maori when it appeared just before dawn late May or early June. One of the translation for Matariki likes to make their kite and net’s and the mother of the stars is surrounded with her daughters and the daughters are part of the stars too.

I feel quite sad for does who had pass away and the celebration of maori new year.

Monday, 15 May 2017

my work

we were doing a technology that if you drop your egg you lose and the way to win is that you need to look after it. We had to be farmers and design a package for eggs so that they could reach the supermarket safely. and We did the right thing, we throw it up and let it smash then we wrapped it up tight. Then we played with it and checked it was tight. We threw it and checked that it was not cracked, but it was still not craked

Friday, 12 May 2017

how to look after a husky dog

How to look after a husky dog

A husky is a mammal, its latin name is Canis lupus familiaris
And it has blue eyes and lives in cold countries.

Husky can it dry or wet food. A husky is an omnivore with means it eat
Meet.You buy the food from the pet shop or supermarket.the also eat cooked bones.
Don't give them these things to them; coffee, chocolate or junk food because it can kill them.
We need to feed them twice a day

The life in cold places because they have like a fur coat to keep
Them warm. And when you have a husky you need to buy them a bed
For them and some toys to chew on them. They need a water bowl.

Exercise/ Entertainment
A husky dog need to run so when you are looking for something they
Will find it for you and they can also look for food for themselves
Husky dog have to train because if you chain it up it will make them
Boring and they will be negative everything they see they will bite them.
A husky dog lives in the cold so there are also another husky in the cold
And they can communicate to each other

Conclusion a husky dog cost $ 145.95 dollars to keep as a pet

Friday, 5 May 2017


we have to look for Mrs gren and type down what does it mean just like this


Today we had to choose our own pet and think about what it needs to survive. We talked about it and drew our ideas on paper. Then we made a diorama with the idea that we came up with.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

slove it


The case of the phony phone call

Main character(s)
Other characters
Mum dad friends
Phone call
Main Events
There was a prank phone call
Some oe was prank calling and it's a boy acting like a girl
By saying is this a prank call